The electric car is to move a car that uses electricity stored in batteries or accumulators.

With the new government’s handling Mountains fuel prices soared to more than 1.65 euros per liter.

The electric car becomes an opportunity no longer reserved only for the rich or to ecologists but also to ordinary people.


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The electric car was among the first vehicles to be invented. The first models in fact date back to the ’30s of the nineteenth century and in 1899 was the first electric car motor vehicle exceed 100 miles per hour.

Over the years, however, the market focused on vehicles with internal combustion engines used oil at the expense of the electric car. The year 2012 could be the turning point in the production of electric vehicles around the world. Many automobile manufacturers have introduced or are preparing to introduce new models of machines designed to meet the ecology and nature. Some examples are the iOn Peugeot, Mitsubishi iMiEV, and the Citroen C-Zero, among those who have yet to be made there, the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Kangoo and Fluence Ze Ze, the Smart Ed As you can see the most innovative countries for electric cars are France and Germany where there are already strong incentives for environmentally friendly cars.

The major advantages of the electric car are at their best in town, where high demands are not brilliant, but top speed, low noise and no emissions. Electric motors also have a lot more torque and acceleration from zero compared to a gasoline car. The latest models of electric car wink and also to the flagship sports cars. On our blog we have already spoken natura.blogspot.com-ecology of the Tesla electric car produced by mogul Elon Musk that relegates the concept of electric car only to a small car but the town rises to sports car with exceptional performance. A continuing problem, which reduces the spread of electric cars is that of the supply network.

It’s very difficult to find a column for the supply of electricity, although it could be the business of green and ecological future, perhaps combining a photovoltaic system at the “distributor” of current. The heart of the electric car batteries or accumulators are surely. In this case, the innovation of technology is creating ever more efficient batteries that give a range of up to 600 or 800 miles, so very close to that of a conventional diesel tank.


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 In fact the biggest problem relating to the ecology electric vehicles in the disposal of batteries. Some manufacturers (Toyota) achieved a battery life of 160,000 kilometers (almost the life of a car) at the end of the use of batteries, however, will be implemented a system recovery and efficient recycling of batteries that retrieves the batteries in an environmentally friendly and respectful of nature.

Electric cars give certain advantages for the air to the air we breathe, do not burn oxygen as the combustion engine. But above all do not produce emissions of CO, CO2, NOx, unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter (at least in the work place, talk differently if the electricity is produced from hydrocarbons, see below) Electric vehicles have an overall more energy efficient than most internal combustion engines. A gasoline engine has an efficiency of 25-28%, a diesel is approaching 40%, while an electric motor AC induction has an efficiency of 90%. But if we consider that the electricity is generally produced from hydrocarbons, however, starting with the efficiency of the electric motor can be calculated as 50%. (Source Wikipedia)

So electric vehicles are still more ‘efficient than internal combustion engines. The real challenge for the future will be to produce energy from renewable sources such as photovoltaic, hydro and wind power in order to bring more efficiency to the electric car that theoretically 90%.

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