The KiteGen is a very technological and ambitious project to transform wind energy into electricity in a way that respects nature. Exploiting the currents of high altitude more powerful and the constants of KiteGen large kites are able to produce very large amounts of clear energy by exploiting the wind. But the important thing is that the Italian KiteGen is … Continua a leggere


The electric car is to move a car that uses electricity stored in batteries or accumulators. With the new government’s handling Mountains fuel prices soared to more than 1.65 euros per liter. The electric car becomes an opportunity no longer reserved only for the rich or to ecologists but also to ordinary people.   By Tieum512 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], … Continua a leggere


That Prince Charles was an avid environmentalist was known for some time. Not for nothing, has installed solar panels and wood boilers in all its properties. But that could infect the mother was more difficult to imagine. Even Queen Elizabeth has decided to follow the green path traced by his son in the family. How? By giving its approval to the project to supply Windsor … Continua a leggere


It seems that finally we are experiencing serious bio-fuels (or biofuels) made from organic products that are not derived from food. The great problem FOR GREENECONOMY of biofuel such as biodiesel or bioethanol is in fact that is usually obtained from products that are normally used for human food or the raw material is grown on land taken away from … Continua a leggere


It opens today, November 28, 2011 in Durban, South Africa, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. The central theme will be the reduction of greenhouse gases, it seems more and more tragically real correlation between greenhouse gases and climate change have also recently struck Italy with the latest floods. The climate conference in Durban born, however, already among the controversies … Continua a leggere


Compost is a material used as a fertilizer, biological and ecological. Its use, with the addition of organic matter improves soil structure and bioavailability of nutrients(phosphorus and nitrogen compounds). As a biological activator also increases thebiodiversity of the microflora in the soil. The compost is obtained by decomposition of organic material and drying. For the production of compost organic waste can be used in the kitchens, the mowing, sewage oranimal waste that typically cause the production of landfill leachate.Technically, composting is a biological process controlled by the man who through fungi and bacteria into humus substances (compost) wet waste. The compost then 2 times respects the ecology and nature, because it is a way to recycleorganic waste and because … Continua a leggere


Ecology in the strict sense is the science that studies the ecosphere, ie the portion of Earth where life is present in aggregates called systemic “ecosystems.” From the 60 70, however, the environmental movement has used the term as synony mous with environmental ecology, study of pollution and ecology in general the term is now commonly used to define a proper … Continua a leggere