Cold Fusion is almost a pipe dream for many years, being able to produce nuclear powerwithout nuclear waste. Good news for nature and ecology.The big difference compared to nuclear fission is that in cold nuclear fusion two nuclei of two atoms come together to create heavier. Nuclear fusion has the great advantage of nature does not produce waste or radiation and for the economy to be a virtually limitless source of energy.At the forefront of this time appears to be just the Italian research, in particular by the experiments of the physicist entrepreneur Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi was born onthe first catalyst that would be created cold fusion. They have … Continua a leggere


Produce clean energy, investing in a chain to popular action, to be able to sell freely on the market. This is the purpose of Retenergie, a cooperative founded in Cuneo in 2008 and today has nearly 400 members, following the appeal on the internet by Marco Mariano, at the time the owner of an agricultural producer of beans, to find people … Continua a leggere


Zero Waste is an ecological system that aims to reuse all the products and avoid sending them to landfill or incinerator. Zero Waste is a strategy that builds on what nature does, constantly re-using its resources. Among the major theorists is Professor. Paul Connett, a professor at St. LawrenceUniversity who speaks in the following video: The centerpiece of the strategy … Continua a leggere